Integration of Fixed Wireless Network (WiFi Network) 
with Satellite ISP Network

Technology is now available for integrating a large WiFi network with satellite based Internet Service Provider network for access to the Internet at cost levels that make such provisioning a commercial proposition.

The combined facility makes it possible for service providers to offer affordable wireless broadband Internet access across the globe and to target public venues, such as retail locations, cruise ships, passenger trains and in-flight markets, as well as low density, residential and remote areas that are unserved or underserved. 

Airvenue’s proven solution for building WiFi and Satellite Integrated Network can now bring DVB (Digital Video Broadcast), Distance Learning, Distance Medicine and access to the World Wide Web to even the most remote parts of a country at costs that are affordable to the underdeveloped countries.



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The Importance of IP

The Wireless Challenge

Fixed Wireless-
Satellite Integration

Airvenue System HC-SDMA


Security Concerns for a Wireless IP Infrastructure