A wireless IP infrastructure - whether it be wide area wireless network or local wireless network - offers a tremendous range of possibilities for communication, education, public health, government/public administration, entertainment and recreation.

The interconnection of wide area wireless IP network with broadband network through optical fiber network or through satellite earth station enables the building out of global telephony, data and video communication in practically anywhere on earth at affordable prices today.

Radio frequencies (RF) based WLAN enables organizations to achieve and realize the flexibility and real-time access to information for people who need to be connected.

The ease of connecting and disconnecting wireless devices as business demands gives organizations a reliable, scalable and easy-to-integrate facility for enhancing productivity and cost reduction. It enables an individual to access resources and obtain information and to communicate with others as and when the need arises.

A wireless IP infrastructure built in a space with no existing infrastructure for communication can bring about a world of difference for human creativity and business possibilities.

Airvenue proposes to build such facilities for you and to offer application solutions and managed services for use with the facilities to help you build and grow your business for the greater good of the populace.