Low-Cost Single-Radio Wireless Mesh Node

The BelAir50c is a low-cost single-radio wireless mesh node designed for small mesh clusters at the edge of an Airvenue wide-area wireless broadband network. 

Service providers, carriers, and municipalities planning metropolitan WiFi networks can now opt for a single, integrated solution, consisting of BelAir200, BelAir100 and BelAir50C, that simplifies configuration, deployment and maintenance of large scale WiFi networks and offers the highest degree of design flexibility. 

The BelAir50c extends the industry’s leading family of broadband wireless infrastructure products to a full spectrum of wireless coverage options, from thin data-only networks covering large open areas, to high capacity wireless broadband networks in urban centers providing video, voice and data services. 

The success of large-scale metro WiFi networks depends upon the ability of the wireless infrastructure to cost-effectively and efficiently cover very large areas yet easily expand to support increasing numbers of subscribers and services as the network grows.





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