Strand-Mounted Wireless Multi-service Node

The BelAir100S is a two-radio wireless multi-service node designed for strand-mounting on existing cable infrastructure. Optimized for cable operators, the BelAir100S supports DOCSIS® 2.0 and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 interfaces and is plant-powered at 40 to 90 V AC.

The BelAir100S is available in both multiple point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint backhaul options enabling it to participate in high capacity, high performance Muni Wi-Fi networks and low-cost hot zones. It can be deployed as a standalone device providing indoor or outdoor coverage or as part of a larger Muni WiFi mesh with any combination of BelAir200, BelAir100, BelAir100C, BelAir100S, and BelAir50C, all seamlessly managed by our Network Management System.

Airvenue's BelAir enables cable operators to leverage their existing infrastructure and expand their market opportunities with business customers, city-wide Muni Wi-Fi networks, hotels and resorts, multiple dwelling and multiple business units, and campus-wide networks. Our unique carrier-grade multi-service architecture supports the "quad play" - voice, video, data and mobility - to increase operator's service revenues. And, by reducing both the cost and time associated with deploying broadband infrastructure, We increase the operator's competitive advantage.






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