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Airvenue Inc. ("Airvenue") is a private Canadian corporation incorporated in 1995 originally operating a non-facility-based telephone service provision company catering to resellers in worldwide markets for international call back service and store-and-forward fax service.

Today Airvenue is an integrator of technologies and solutions, a builder of wireless IP infrastructure and service platforms and service networks for IP-based voice, data and video applications including communication, video-on-demand, video surveillance and IP Radio services.

The company consists of a team of dedicated professional managers and engineers with many years of extensive experience in the telephone industry and the following spaces: Fixed Wireless and WiFi, ISP, Satellite ISP, Video Conferencing, Video-on-Demand and Video Surveillance. 

Airvenue is focused on building relationships and forming joint ventures in developing countries to build wireless and satellite-based IP infrastructure and implementing service applications and provisioning of managed services utilizing the IP infrastructure built to enable the expansion and improvement of economic, cultural, educational, health, public safety, and government activities in the countries.

Airvenue has established relationships with best-of-breed technologies and solution providers and best-of-class service providers and equipment manufacturers to represent and to integrate their goods and services in building applications and provisioning services for the greater good of the populace in the countries or markets where Airvenue operates. 




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