Wireless Video Surveillance

Virtual Presence

World events have increased the need for video surveillance -- be it for industrial, government, military, enterprise or law enforcement use … to monitor production lines, our highways, boarders, buildings, or catastrophic occurrences. With AirGuard wireless video servers you can meet the demands and requirements for video solutions that must be rapidly deployable, adaptable, and adjustable to very dynamic, and often hostile, environments.

AirGuard video servers can satisfy these requirements and also enable the inclusion of other IP centric devices to form integrated and seamless sensor, analysis, and response systems. They provide the means for 360° situational awareness and virtual presence, almost anywhere, and with minimal staff.

In addition, AirGuard wireless configurations enable local access “hotspots” based on IEEE 802.11 technology at each video server for mobile network and information accessl.

Download details on Wireless Video Surveillance sheet here (116 kB)