Wireless Outdoor Mesh Networking

Self-Configuring Mesh

An Airvenue-AG mesh network is self-organizing and does not require manual configuration. Adding new AP nodes or relocating existing APs is simple -- power them up and turn them on. In almost all cases, no network cabling is required – just power. The network discovers the new nodes and automatically incorporates them into the existing mesh configuration.

Airvenue-AG mesh solutions are the perfect choice to expand existing networks or build out new ones. Telcos, data providers, and ISPs are always seeking ways to increase coverage and thus revenues.


An Airvenue-AG mesh network is not only reliable, it’s also highly adaptable. If a potential hotspot or group of client devices is too far away for a solid RF link, you just add one or more 525C-2 APs to fill-in the network gaps. If a link in an Airvenue-AG mesh network disconnects, data is sent around it via other paths.

Loss of one link doesn’t necessarily affect the mesh network’s operation. An Airvenue-AG mesh network is self-healing because re-routing is automatic -- no human intervention is required.

Download details on Wireless Outdoor Mesh Networking sheet here (148 kB)