Wireless Mesh Networking


Originally developed for mobile battlefield communications, Airvenue-AG Wireless Mesh Access Points will auto-form a mesh network with up to 40 other nodes. They create dynamic 54/108Mbps node-to-node links on the fly, while providing local hotspot connectivity up to 108Mbps. With them, high performance and scalable broadband networks can be built spontaneously and at low cost.

The Airvenue-AG Mesh AP has multiple RFs: 802.11a/b/g for WLAN and 802.11a/b/g for wireless bridging and repeating both with Turbo A and Super G data rates of 108Mbps. In addition, it has an integrated 8-port switch, an encrypted WAN port with Power over Ethernet (PoE). Its case is IP66 rated for harsh environments such as outdoor and industrial use.

Airvenue-AG meshed hotspots

By extending wired LANs and satellite networks with Airvenue-AG mesh networks, people on the move can stay connected – anywhere, anytime. Mobile high speed data applications for the Military, Police, and Government agencies are easily implemented. Also, stationary applications such as sensor networking, video surveillance, business and residential hot spots can be provided with the same Airvenue-AG mesh products.

Airvenue-AG mesh networks support either fixed or mobile configurations and provide an excellent infrastructure for:

Download details on Wireless Mesh Networking sheet here (112 kB)