Video Surveillance

Wireless Video Server
Model: Q-525

A Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution

Airvenue Inc. uses innovative, emerging technologies to implement scalable solutions to critical infrastructure threats. Airvenue Inc. provides solutions to protect utilities, emergency services, transportation systems, dwellings and complexes. The objectives of Airvenue Inc.’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions (CIPS) are detection, preparedness, prevention, protection, response and, when necessary, recovery. 

The Wireless Video Server system (WVS) is a key component of any CIPS implementation. WVS is a combination of products and services which enable the design, provisioning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an integrated network to provide advanced video surveillance. WVS delivers the architectures along with the supporting systems and services necessary for Wide Area / Local Area Network deployment of wireless and wired IP video networks across municipalities, campuses, transportation and other critical infrastructure locations. WVS ensures heightened security through real-time video capture and transmission of high-resolution digital imagery. The system expands your security presence to numerous key locations and events to improve safety by reducing threats.


WVS solutions track activity around selected areas and aid in securing critical infrastructure. They enhance security; improve safety; detect threats and lower crime rates. Typical critical infrastructure targets include:



A camera is easily connected to the WVS - a mixed network of IEEE 802.11g/b wireless and wired Ethernet connections. The camera can be controlled by a centralized operations staff that remotely controls the camera’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) features, views live footage, records every camera for a specified period, reviews recorded footage, and outputs selected segments to digital or analog media. Because the WVS system has dual mode wireless capability (802.11g and 802.11b), local 802.11b 11Mbps wireless hotspots can be enabled around the video server locations. These hotspots serve to provide high speed mobile data access to police, emergency management personnel, and other municipal / government first responders.

The wireless portion of the WVS system meets Department of Defense security requirements with advanced data encryption (AES / 3DES) and uses crypto modules that are FIPS 140-2 Validated™ for sensitive data communications use. The WVS system also supports use of existing Ethernet resources wherever possible to avoid additional build out costs. Because of its wireless bridging capabilities, the WVS system is easily expandable to support future growth without the material, time and costs associated with traditional wired links.

Total Solution Delivery

WVS support services are available and provide the flexibility to meet a myriad of requirements:

System Features

The WVS system supports most outdoor IP video surveillance cameras. It has analog to digital video conversion capabilities and multiple wireless or wired Ethernet connections.


Multiport Wireless Video Server
Model: Q-528

A Video Surveillance Solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Multiport Wireless Video Server is a hardware platform for video capture and surveillance which is designed to meet the need for advanced security. It fits a smaller footprint than current comparable systems and increases functional reliability.

The heart of the Multiport Wireless Video Server is the three INTEL XSCALE PXA42x processors. These boards meet your toughest performance, QoS and security needs. The PXA42x processor includes a powerful XSCALE core, PCI interface, 10/100 Ethernet MACs and a microcoder engine for encryption (AES and 3DES). The versatile PCI bus supports integration to all types of 802.11 chipsets.

The video encoder board provides five levels of compression and supports motion JPEGs at frame rates of up to 30 frames/second and a resolution of 704 x 480. It can network up to 4 analog cameras. It transforms analog video into high quality digital images for wireless or wired transmission over an intranet or the Internet. It permits users to view live images from any networked computer using a standard Web browser. Use of advanced encryption allows access to viewed images to be restricted to authorized users.

The Multiport Wireless Video Server is housed in a rugged NEMA water-resistant enclosure, increasing flexibility of use and mobility. The external high gain antenna provides an extended range. Its 802.11b capability can also enable a local wireless LAN/hotspot at the enclosure's location and provide first responders with wireless access to critical data. The incorporated access point capability includes power management, accessible remotely through Airvenue Inc.’s RF manager, allowing power adjustment in response to ambient conditions. AC power is provided from a 100-240V AC source. The Multiport Wireless Video Server supports the RF and power requirements of both North America and Europe and will support all Euro and UK standards.



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