Solutions Overview

IPTV and interactive services over IP infrastructure are today topical and spreading across the world. The converging market where telephony (voice), television (video) and data (Internet) merge into one has resulted in fierce competition that compels operators and service providers to find new ways of creating revenue streams and promoting customer loyalty.

Broadband television, on-demand content and value-adding services are now proven good ways of making use of existing or new IP infrastructure to grow one's business and to bring benefits of enhanced experience and knowledge to the end users / customers.

Airvenue proposes to supply and build wireless IP infrastructure in spaces of countries/markets where there is no existing IP network and to provide video-on-demand and other IPTV based services to improve the quality of life of people as far as entertainment and learning of knowledge are concerned.

Head End Appliance-Servers

Airvenue offers cutting-edge solutions for streaming high quality video and audio content to a wide variety of TV audience over IP networks, with comprehensive content and server management tools that enable easy operation and administration of services. The technology enables applications such as Video On Demand, TV broadcast, Audio On Demand and Radio recast. It offers a winning combination of advanced functionality to end-users combined with simple, yet powerful and robust server platforms, in an infinitely scalable architecture.

Airvenue solutions are based on the best-of-breed appliance-servers for content distribution and server management and content protection.

What Airvenue means to you

We help you realize the VOD business model for IP-TV in your environment. We enable you to move into your markets more quickly and achieve sustainable higher levels of customer satisfaction, resulting in faster return on investment cycles than otherwise possible. Our solutions incorporate resilient appliance-servers that ensure low downtime, admin & maintenance free operation, enabling you to provide a uniformly higher quality of service at significantly lower cost of ownership.

Airvenue provides IP-TV streaming solutions that fit your budget, seamlessly scale with your business, secure your content and are simple to implement and operate, in either centralized or distributed architectures. 

Airvenue solutions are flexible

Significant parts of the functions and features we offer are market driven, based on true market requirements and customer requests. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and exhibit a degree of flexibility over and above any competing solutions.

Airvenue solutions are complemented by dedicated and effective project, engineering and support personnel, and are offered to our customers-partners in a win-win scenario.

Widely deployed and field proven

Airvenue supplies solutions that power some of the world's leading operators in the ground breaking IP-TV industry. These products have proven their true effectiveness with small regional service providers that seamlessly scaled to large multi-city operations and with providers of in-room hospitality video services. Other applications of the Airvenue solutions can be found in e-learning, broadcasting and other high-quality video applications.


Set-top Boxes

Advanced IP Set-top Box for IP-TV 

Airvenue M300 IP Set-top Box (STB) is designed to satisfy advanced service and networking requirements, as well as the flexible viewing expectations of end users.

A flexible codec design provides the option of using MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 to meet growing requirements for reduced bandwidth deployments. 

Software and codec upgrades, both essential and security-sensitive, can be centrally managed with Airvenue Centre Manager (ACM) and the Airvenue Managed Security & Provisioning (MSP) solution.

Easy integration and intelligent provisioning make end user installation a plug & play experience and keeps helpdesk costs down. Zero touch service deployments are smoothly handled from either Airvenue Centre Manager or supported middleware.