The Airvenue's BelAir solution for the hospitality industry allows hospitality operators to WiFi enable both their guests and staff faster and less expensively than any other solution on the market. 

With an Airvenue's BelAir solution a typical 10-floor hotel can easily be covered with two to four BA200s located outside the building. 

To provide the same coverage with an indoor solution would require a minimum of 20 indoor access points (i.e. a minimum of two per floor), with 1000s of feet of associated wiring, routers, switches, and power. 

Additional benefits specific to the hospitality industry include

The Airvenue solution delivers all this over a wide area with fewer APs and no indoor wiring. With fewer, more accessible nodes to manage and maintain, the ongoing costs of maintenance are also reduced.

And, with open nodal interfaces to network management systems, the system can be maintained remotely and without disruption to hotel or network operations.

The result is a wireless network architecture optimized for hotel environments.